sabato 28 aprile 2012

SPORT, LIFE AND INSTANT PHOTOGRAPHY | Twelve italian photographers who are going to exhibit more than 70 photos in London

If an instant photo can combine a retro feeling image with a present instant, Polaroiders chooses to make a link between one of the most historical European cities with an up-coming and relevant event.

Polaroiders goes beyond the Channel, arrives in London in the year of Olympic Games., the biggest social network of Instant Photography born just 2 years ago thanks to the idea of 2 photographers Alan Marcheselli e Carmen Palermo, is -currently- the Italian reference point for Instant Photographers-both amateurs and professionals- and a continuous source of events and projects which have a common goal: to share and spread the beauty and magic of Instant Photography, its uniqueness and originality supported by the idea of showing only the original artworks.

Twelve italian photographers who are going to exhibit more than 70 photos in the British capital city:SPORT, LIFE AND INSTANT PHOTOGRAPHY.

This exhibition is meant to be a tribute to Sport as a metaphor of life and its ever evolving and moving dynamic, in a particular period and in a city that will host of the Olympic Games of 2012.

This event will also be an opportunity to admire and get to know closer the new instant films produced by The Impossible Project, that in less than 2 years, has made possible the re-birth of Instant Photography, making a dream come true.

During the 2-day exhibition will be the presentation of the book "Polaroiders Year One", the second volume edited by Polaroiders, an accurate selection of the best Instant photos published on from May 2011 to May 2012.

Finally, there will be the opportunity to attend workshops that will show all the artistic techniques of manipulation possible thanks to the new Impossible films.

This exhibition will be an opportunity to learn, admire and to experiment these new films and cameras, to meet personally some of the artists and to ''bring home'' a memory which will be remembered as an Instant.


Antonio Curcetti
Alan Marcheselli
Carmen Palermo
Luca Giaretta
Cristina Altieri
Fabio Interra
Lucia Semprebon
Silvano Peroni
Menico Snider
Franco Mammana
Luca Peroni
Silvia Ianniciello

@ Cre8 Lifestyle Centre

During the exhibition "Sport, Life and instant photography" organizes the "instant photography workshop"

Learn how to shoot with the new Impossible Film: PX600 UV+, PX600 BLACK FRAME, PX680, PX100 UV+, PZ600 UV+ and PZ680.

Discover how to handle your instant camera like 600 box, srl 680 and spectr/image system.

Go throught all the new appliable techniques as image shieldings, framing, transparencies, manipulation, lift off, multilayer and much more.


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